Entry #5


2013-01-21 13:42:10 by mrslovett

Have not used this site before i went to uni to study animation, funnily. I got much better and have graduated now and currently i am working on an animation in a 3 parter. They will be based on the memories recorded in Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker by Dr.Strangelove. The story on these tapes moved me so much and i adored the story and decided it needed to be visualised so that is what i am doing hopefully will finish part 1 'A Chance Meeting' by next month some point. Hopefully get a daily 1st with this one as nothing will be tweened in flash lol, i am drawing every frame. After this 3 parter i will hopefully design something from scratch myself with my own story but that may be a while.
Added a shot from the animation.



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2015-12-13 03:44:16

cant wait :)